Insomnia Midnight Project

Providing surreptitious SSH access to Insomnia 24 7 for people living under oppressive regimes.

Free access for anyone, anywhere.

We aim to provide free access to anyone who needs it, not just to our own systems and services but also to the rest of the internet. We want our users to be able to enjoy the same free access to information we do.

Security expertise to protect your data.

Our years of experience with encryption, authentication and autorization ensure that your connections are safe from any prying eyes or anyone trying to inject or block traffic.

Making sure anyone can reach us.

We frequently find our services being blocked by governments around the world. To combat this we employ a wide spread of endpoints, making blocking efforts increasingly difficult. In the near future we'll also be adding support for obfuscation techniques.

Our Services

We provide a variety of services to enable people anywhere to connect to us and the rest of the world.

Strong Encryption

We use modern strong encryption techniques to provide high assurences against tampering and snooping.

High Speed

The modern internet is a big and data hungry beast. We aim to provide practical speeds for large data transfers in and out of our systems.

Wide Distribution

In order to effectively combat being blocked by oppressive regimes we can deploy endpoints on a wide variety of services and cloud vendors.

Customer Support

Ok, so it’s really just me you can ask for support. But what did you expect? At least it’s free.